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Middle Of Nowhere lyrics - Rhett Akins

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Well I come from the middle of nowhere
But I had big plans for gettin out of there
So when dreams came callin I went chasin down that road
And here I am struttin down these city streets
The yellow brick road beneath my feet
Oh but sometimes in this skyline view all I see is me and you
And cotton fields and dusty dirt roads
Drivin fast in my daddy's truck and takin it slow
With the summer breeze tangling our hair
All those nights that we spent moonlight talkin
Holdin hands and barefoot walkin
And never lettin go that was our prayer
Back when we could see forever
From the middle of nowhere

I ain't been home in quite a while
But thinkin back I crack a smile
I bet old Eddy's still racin his Chevelle and Ricky's raisin hell
And here I am sittin in some uptown bar
With big wigs big money and big cigars
Oh but who's to say who's got it made
The one who left or those who stayed
Where everybody knows everybody's name
The whole town shuts down for Friday night football games
We spend Saturday circlin down the square
Where your next of kin lives just down the road
And church on Sunday mornin seems to lighten up the load
Yeah I left a lot behind when I left there
But my roots will live forever
In the middle of nowhere

Well I'll ride the wings of my dreams until I seem em through
Then I wont slow down til my hometown is comin into view
Cause my biggest dream is windin up back there
Where I'll settle down forever
In the middle of nowhere

Someday my bones will rest forever
In the middle of nowhere

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Akins Rhett Chords
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