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Hard Out Here lyrics - Hayes Carll

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After all these years of runnin' 'round
All this flyin' high and falling down
I gotta get back to the way I was
Gonnna turn it 'round darlin' just because
And everybody's talking 'bout the shape im in
They say, boy you aint a poet, just a drunk with a pen
Over and over, agian and again
Lord, they dont know about the places iv'e been

Chorus: It gets hard out here
I know it dont look it
I used to have heart but the highway took it
The game was right but the deal was crooked
Lord, make it perfectly clear
It gets hard out here

Ah, I guess there must be somnething I'm missin'
My mama told me I should have gone into easy listenin'
Joined up with a band 'cause I thought it was cool
Lord, I probably should have just gone back to school
Ahhh, pretty darlin', it'll be o.k.
You know one of these days I'm gunna take you away
She said, oh sweet daddy, you're probably right
You know we might get lucky but it won't be tonight


I know it don't seem it
I said, I'd try but i never did mean it
Nobody's listening so we might as well scream it
Oh God, we're all out of beer
It get's hard out here

[Thanks to Charlee, dazman for lyrics]

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Carll Hayes Chords
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