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Easier to Lie lyrics - Pope Cassadee

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Sneakin' out the bedroom cursin' trippin' on his stuff
Lookin' for my car keys while I'm pullin' my jeans up
I make sure I'm out before I turn my phone back on
I got five missed calls
Can't believe what I just did
I lost myself tonight
Now I just gotta get to you, the guilt's making me drive
I stumble in I wake you up
But when you look at me, I just can't speak

Cause you're the only one the only one who ever gave a damn
And it's killin' me to know you think I'm better than I am
Came over here to tell the truth, but looking in your eyes
Baby sometimes it's easier to lie

You know that I've been cryin' so you ask what's goin' on
Your arm's around my shoulder
You've got no clue what I've done
'Cause you don't see the guilt in me
And that just makes it worse
Yeah that just makes it worse

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, whoa
It's easier to lie, whoa
It's so easy

Can't believe what I just did, I lost myself tonight

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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Cassadee Pope Chords
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