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Blue Collar Tired lyrics - Mike Cullison

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Well everybody thinks my pockets are deep
But what about these mouths that I gotta feed
If I get a raise it's already gone
And my little list goes on and on
Sometimes I think I'm coming unwired
I got me a case of the blue collar tired

I hardly see my woman 'cause she's working too
We're doing all that two bodies can do
Up before dawn and down after dark
Nothing comes easy yeah the lessons are hard
What good are dreams if they won't take you higher
I'll go to my grave being blue collar tired

I'm blue collar tired of what's going on
I can barely afford my blue collar home
Let me hit the numbers, let me find a fire
Let me have some rest I'm blue collar tired

Well me and my boss we don't get along
We're on different pages of different songs
Now one kid wants a car, another wants a bike
Me and my oldest we're startin' to fight
I could tell you some stories but I'm preachin' to the choir
It's a middle class drama and I'm blue collar tired

[Thanks to Robs for lyrics]

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