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Jezebel lyrics - Jonathan Dale

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Written by: Jonathan Dale and Richard Poarch

Verse 1
Here's the story of a girl
thats known all around the world
for breakin the rules and makin fools
outta everyone she meets

And she is full of lies
And she can swallow knifes
She's got the spirit of the devil
and the looks of an angel
and she's starting to pull you in
Every move she makes, another sin

Jezebel, runnin round raisin Hell
Gettin use to where she belongs
even makin her way into country songs
Jezebel, you got secrets you wont tell
so get use to not wearin your crown
cause you're gonna fall way, way down
Ask anybody in the town
Jezebels been around

Verse 2
Here's to a corupt queen
Goin around stealin dreams
But when she see's the ring of fire
She wont steal nothing no more
Cause I am sure of it
She will regret

Chorus 1'x

You may think you control me
But I'm not under your spell
I know you think you're Jesus
But Jesus has never failed

Chorus 1x

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