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She's Got Me lyrics - Jonathan Dale

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Written by: Brandon Green & Bigg Vinny Mac

Verse 1
Look at her, the look on her face, making me wanna take a taste of her strawberry lips unexplainable kiss
She drives a red Camaro, top down with the radio on, her blowing, hands surfing
While I’m riding shot gun, next to her, I thank God for the things I don’t deserve

She’s got Me – Flying high and I don’t know if I could ever come back down
Even if I wanted to my feet can’t seem to find the ground
She’s Got Me walkin on air, She’s got my hand in the clouds, I’m starting to believe
She’s Got, She’s Got Me

Verse 2
She likes her dessert, She always eats it first, ask why do you, She’ll say to make sure there’s room
She reads maxim magazine, gotta fantasy football team, the problem is, she always wins.
You should see the way She looks in my old t-shirt
Makes me thank God for the things I don’t deserve

Chorus 1x

Me, holding hands, making plans, so in love
From I do, till I die, but it still aint enough

Chrous 2x’s

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