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I Wish I Still Smoked Cigarettes lyrics - Ronnie Dunn

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I wish I still smoked cigarettes
Light one up and travel tim
When a stiff drink and a whispered yes
Was enough to light a fire, to feel alive
Wish I could go back to those nights sometimes
I wish I still drove a muscle car
Horses rumbling under the hood
Flying past the welcome sign under the stars
Wishing I could leave for good, I swore I would,
Every now and then I go back to that neighborhood
Wish I still did a lot of things I don’t do anymore
When I didn’t know what wasn’t good for me
But I knew everything else for sure
I guess what I really miss is the freedom and
The way it felt, the innocence
That’s what I really meant
When I said
I wish I still smoked cigarettes
I felt more grown up then
We were talking about where we gonna go
Instead of talking bout where we’d been
We’d ride around the lake and make those plans
Still had the world in the palm of our hands
We never had a chance, now and then
Wish I still smoked cigarettes
Something to calm my nerves
Wherever you are tonight
You were better than I deserved
Wish I still smoked cigarettes
So I had something to let go up in smoke

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