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Gravity Hill lyrics - Johnathan East

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We used to sit up on Gravity Hill
Drink a few cold ones and we’d get our fill
Stare at the town lights that glowed in the dark
That’s where she first stole my heart
Up on Gravity Hill there where we used to park.

She was 18 and I just turned 20
We were lookin’ for action, but couldn’t find any
So we took a ride down an old gravel road
Stared at the stars in the sky
She’d slide up beside me and I’d hold her tight
And I’d put on some music to make the mood right
And lovin’ came easy there after a while
We’d watch that old train rollin’ by.

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, I remember the night that the Sherriff came ‘round
Made us walk a straight line and we both fell down
Got us for possession and he hauled us in
And she called her momma from jail
We went out the next night when we’d been set free
And we carved our initials in that ol’ oak tree
Sat on my tailgate, with her hand in mine
Yeah, I still remember that well.

(Repeat Chorus)

Every now and again on a clear summer night
I’ll hop in that same truck that I use to drive
Park on the hill there and I’ll crack a beer
I swear it’s almost like she’s here.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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East Johnathan Chords
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