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The Only Thing She Left Me / Was The Blues lyrics - Eleven Hundred Springs

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I woke up this mornin to an empty house,
And empty's just what I mean,
My baby must've left in the middle of the night,
She really stripped the place clean,
Well I don't know how I slept through it all,
It must've been one hell of a snooze,
The only thing she left me was the blues

She took my favorite chair, she left the cupboards bear,
She even took our old dog Gus,
The only thing that lingered in the air,
Was a sad memory of us,
She took my VCR, She even took my guitar,
As she walked on out the door,
She took the kitchen table but she still was able,
To leave the bills on the floor.

She must've had strong arms to tote it all out,
She must've had soft footsteps cause I didn't wake up and find out

She took my baseball bat, she took my cowboy hat,
My boots and all of my shoes,
The only thing she left me was the blues

Now I'm lyin here naked on my living room floor,
Cause she run off with all of my clothes,
I'd like to listen to a record on my old turntable
She run off with all of those,
The sound of silence as I sit here alone,
Lets me know it's gonna be a long day,
What a stroke of bad luck she took my pick-up truck,
To haul it all away

Now I wish I knew just where she went,
But she didn't leave a number to call,
I wish I knew what time it was,
She took the clock off of the wall,
But one thing's clear as I'm sittin here,
Searchin for all of the clues
The only thing she left me was the blues

Repeat Bridge:

I'd like to call someone but she took the phone,
Now ain't nobody heard the news,
The only thing she left me was the blues

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