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This Ain't the First Time (But It's the Worst Time) lyrics - Eleven Hundred Springs

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Came home loaded again
Watched the sun come with all my good timin' friends
We all know how the story ends
Pulled my truck right up in the yard
Said some things about her momma and she took it kinda hard
And my get outta jail free card
Got used up way back in '03

She don't think that it's cute anymore
To see me begging on my knees outside her front door
I could try to win her back but what for
She's heard all my excuses before

Chorus 1:
This ain't the first time she's thrown me out
Sent me packin to sleep on the couch
I know too well what that's all about
This ain't the first time
This ain't the first time she's said we're through
But I'm startin to believe it might be true
And I don't think that I'm sorry is a-gonna do
This ain't the first time but it's the worst time

If she's right, Lord knows I'm wrong
Keeping her up each night singin the same ole song
Don't know why she's let me live this long
There must of been some love there but I think that it's gone
You could say I took it too far
And when it comes to screwin up well I get the gold star
Cause this time when I got home from the bar
I find all of my clothes thrown all over the lawn

She's changed the locks and unplugged the phone
She's had it up to here and she's making it known
She's thrown out everything that I own
I best be gettin used to bein alone

Chorus 2:
This ain't the first time that it's come down
Smack dab on top of this stupid clown
Sendin shock waves all over town
This ain't the first time
This ain't the first time she's walked away
Leavin me on my knees without a word to wsay
But if I opened my mouth it would get worse anyway
This ain't the first time but it's the worst time
No, This ain't the first time but it's just the worst time

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