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Senior Year lyrics - Randy Houser

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Friday night, ride around
Make a loop through the Sonic at the edge of town
Head back, chug a beer
Senior year

Skippin' school, smokin' out
Spring break hell you can't even talk about
You're burnin' tires, she's learnin' cheers

It's seein' that girl in your Letterman Jacket
Lookin' so fine, you say damn you can have it
If you want to

It's a city limit sign, it's your hands in the air
It's the Friday night lights, it's the fight at the fair
It's havin' the only thing, that you care about beside you
Senior year

Sneakin' out, sleepin' in
Lookin' daddy in the eye, man you're caught again
Class rings, buy 'em here
Sticks and stones, jealous girls
They can hurt you more than anything in the world
Fake a smile, hide a tear

It's haning' around down on a river of freedom
It's y'all come on, knowin' mama'll feed 'em
Mama thank you
We all thank you mama

It's sayin' goodbye, it's the words unspoken
It's prayin' to God for a heart less broken
It's runnin' down out into the world wide open
To find you
Tryin' to find you
Senior year
Senior year

Oh! Senior year
Oh! Senior year


Friday night, ride around
Make a loop through the Sonic at the edge of town

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Houser Randy Chords
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