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The One to Blame lyrics - Drew Kennedy

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You and that rock are at a dealock trying to fight
But you can't squeeze blood from the Mississippi mud tonight
You try to give it your best but you only get wet
From the sweat dripping off your face
You say you're smarter than a stone but it's been holding its own in the race

You've been bumming around every two bit town on the coast
You hope she's missing something but nobody says they're missing a ghost
You want to give her a call but the phone on the wall
Keeps mixing up a number or two
You could be singing the blues
But the blues weren't made for you

And you think you got it all figured out
Everybody else is wrong and they don't know what they're talking about
It'd be the first mistake you've ever made
'Cause you've never been the one to blame

No you've never been the one to blame
Winner might as well have been your middle name
You're undefeated in the game
But you'd better hold on
And admit that you're wrong
Or nothing's ever gonna change cause you've never been the one to blame

It's been a couple of weeks and the word on the street says she's gone
You're gonna have to admit that she finally quit and moved on
But you'll probably hide underneath your pride
Just like you always do
So we'll leave you alone and you can squeeze your stone in two

Chorus x2

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Kennedy Drew Chords
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