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Leave The Past Behind lyrics - Joe Nichols

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Sittin' in this ol' honky tonk in Tulsa
Tryin' to drink her memory of my mind
If she only knew how much i loved her
She would be here by my side
It seems i spend a lot of time talkin' to myself
I even count the shadows on my wall
I guess there's a lesson to be learned in this
Never get so high that you can't take a fall

Now folks think i'm going crazy
Just because i've lost my mind
What will it take to ever save me
If i can leave the past behind

I wonder what she's doin' back in Tennessee
And do i even cross her mind
She's probably out with all of her old friends
Slippin' and toastin' on champagne and wine
Do you think that she ever speaks of me
Or do you think She even gives a damn
I know she would learn a lesson from all of this
If what goes up, must come down

[repeat chorus]

What will it take to ever save me
If i could leave the past behind
If i could leave the past behind
Folks think i'm going crazy
What's it gonna take to eer save me
If i could leave the past behind

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