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We All Go Home lyrics - Joe Nichols

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You're eating strawberry pie in a mid-town diner
Next thing you know you're back in South Carolina
Stuffing your mouth at grandma's house
Then a lady in a booth gets onto her kids
Lays down the law like your mama did
And it makes you smile
'Cause every once in a while

We all go home
To a place and a time
In our hearts and our minds
That we just can't outgrow
There's a tie that'll bind you
And love that'll find you
No matter where you go
Someday, someway
We all go home

You tell yourself the grass is greener
That podunk town ain't the place for a dreamer
Throw a dart at a map and you don't look back
You try to change your clothes and the way you talk
One day you slip on that southern drawl
And you have to laugh, yeah, just like that

Repeat chorus

The choir sings and the preacher talks
Six of your old friends take you for a walk
Up that shady hill, yeah someday they will

We all go
We all go home
There's a tie that'll bind you
Love that'll find you
No matter where you go
Someday, someway
We all go home
We all go home

[Thanks to Manda B, Nathan for lyrics]

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