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As Far as You Know lyrics - Jasmine Rae

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As far as you know I've gotten over you
And I bet it makes it easier, bet you're so relieved.
And you let me go yea, I made a clean goodbye.
Like it didn't even faze me no, I didn't even cry.
Cause it's not all about you. no. I've got a face to save to.
So when I get hold of it
and I get to thinking bout what you did and I come home swinging and I
burn all your letters tear all the linens break all the mirrors as if you were in them and stop.
Take a breath take a breath take control. cause you know me im good to go
As far as you know
everythings a ok cause all I let you see is the smile I fake
No body knows how much I hurt inside cause I keep it in the closet
I hold my head up high. Wont be my pride that I lose. No no.
Lay Down and die I refuse.
As far as you know im missing you tonight
As far as you know yea. In this Twisted little mind..
When I get hold of it and I get to thinking bout what you did and I come home swinging
I trash all the ...
That you gave me smash em and crush em and go totally crazy.
...The walls rip out the walls I cant help thinking bout smashing your doors and I stop

[Thanks to Gee for lyrics]

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