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Love Needs A Holiday lyrics - Reba McEntire

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She was circling the Holiday Inn
Just about to go 'round again
When her cell phone rang and it was him sayin', "Room 183"
They've never done this before, but when he met her at the door
They broke out smiling 'cause they were sure that this is what they need
She said, "Mama's got the kids"
And he said, "We got the room for the weekend"


They love their kids and their house and that dog in the yard
Oh and their neighbors for the most part
They love eachother, but it's hard to be lover's
When life gets in the way
Sometimes love needs a holiday

He hung up the DO NOT DISTURB
To shut out the rest of the world
48 hours of just him and her
You can't get this at home

She pulled the covers back and
He said, "Yeah I'm in to that"
They flopped down together and took a nap
No you can't get this at home
They woke up in eachother's arms
And that's where they spent the rest of the weekend


Room service dinner with candles and wine
A night with no homework and no baby crying
They hold eachother like they used to do
He whispers, "Girl, I've missed you"


Needs a holiday
He hung up the DO NOT DISTURB
Love needs a holiday
(Love needs a holiday)
Just shut out the rest of the world
Love needs a holiday
(Love needs a holiday)

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