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Another You lyrics - John Rich

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my god what have i done
you gave me your heart
and I broke it up
now here i am

all alone and i'm hatin' me
cuz' baby with you i had everything
now i'm a nothin' man

not sure what i do from here
or where i'll go
baby the only thing i know is

I'll never find another you
someone who moves me like you do
someone that knows me inside out
a love that'll never let me down
i could search all through this world
try to find another like you girl
but no matter what i do
I'll never find another you

You put yourself in the palm of my hand
I was the envy of every man
and it was beautiful
what a perfect little life we found
we built it up and i tore it all a fool
how will I ever forgive myself
and how do i live
knowing I'll never feel that way again



Maybe someday I'll find a sweet face
that takes me half the way to where we've been
oh and who knows maybe i'll come close
but comin' close is all i'll ever get
all i'll ever get


i'll never find another you
i'll never find another you

[Thanks to Gee for lyrics]

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Rich John Chords
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