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The Circus Song (Can't Let Go) lyrics - Kim Richey

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I remember way back when
The circus came to town
It was like nothing I had ever seen
Spun my head around.

Maybe it was all those crazy lights
But I stepped right up and paid the price
Fool me once, that's okay
Fool me twice, I like it that way.

All those death-defying feats
Glued me to the edge of my seat
I can't let go
No, I can't let go.

The car pulled up, and the clowns poured out,
They put out the house of fire
And we held our breath while the man in the vest
Went dancing down the wire.

Cotton candy, apple sweet
I can't get enough of what's bad for me, oh
Satisfaction guaranteed
By the greatest show on earth.

Little dogs they danced around
Flying ladies, they never touched down
They can't let go
No, they can't let go.

I'm saying I can't let go
No, I can't let go.

Back around, I came back around
And all I found was an empty lot
And a ticket stub said "Thanks a lot."
Thanks a lot.

And when the circus blows through here next time,
Bet I'll be the first in line
'Cause I can't let go
No, I can't let go

I'm saying I can't let go
No, I can't let go.

Mmmm... Aaaah ...
No, I can't let go, I'm saying I can't let go
No, I can't let go...

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