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The Craziest Thing lyrics - Darius Rucker

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Way back when she did a hundred and ten
In her dad's old Chevrolet
And she once climbed way up high
To paint her name on a water tank

She's got that little red rose on her big toe
Tattooed in Myrtle Beach
Went to Mardi Gras with her mother-in-law
Got a suitcase full of beads

She's walked on fire, and jumped out of planes for fun
But lovin me is the craziest thing that she's ever done

She's livin on faith
I'm chasin my dreams
I fly' and fall
Til I unravel at the seams
She's never played it safe
Never walked when she could run
But lovin me is the craziest thing
That she's ever done

Left the bright lights drove down 95
To a sleepy southern town
Gave up a sweet gig to have a couple kids
Chasin her around

All her friends roll their eyes and grin
When she says that I'm the one
They say lovin me is the craziest thing that she's ever done


She likes walkin on a tight rope
Dancin on a ledge
But she knows I'll catch her if she falls off the edge


Yeah, lovin me is the craziest thing that she's ever done

[Thanks to Josh Rivers for lyrics]

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