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All the Time I've Got lyrics - Stephen Simmons

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Filling station signs
Light up the cold dead night
With their number driven art advertising prices
I'm out here all alone once more
In this truck that won't stay warm
And humility reveals itself priceless

It's just about all the time I've got
To figure out all the things I'm not
And it's just about all the time I'll need
Sometimes all we are is just who we'll be

My baby's safe at home
And man she don't know why I roam
And for someone I love so much I shouldn't have to try so
But these lights in my dark sky
Are man-made bulbs and hard copper wire
And not the heavenly moon and the stars a glowing


But they're just so many roads
Where a man can feel at home
All the while alone and driving
And something you said to me last night
I just can't get out of my mind
That this time you're through trying

Funny how some thoughts in your mind
Only slip out when you're driving
And seem to disappear at other times
Like that outfit that you wore baby
For my birthday so crazy
Wasn't worth the price, but the memory's timeless


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