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Demise of Levi Prince lyrics - Stephen Simmons

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From my younger days I recall
And I’ve remembered ever since
Now history begs me
To retell
The demise of Levi Prince

From Galloway to the Tygart
Truth on High he brought down to men
Slay them in the Spirit
And raised them up
As children born again

But somewhere in his pride
His soul withered overgrown
Even though God still whispered
In the end
Levi’s words were his own

All around him we saw a change
We sensed a turning away
But Levi rode on still
Like a lost shepherd
Leading his flock astray

His intentions lay bare
Neither innocent nor cruel
Through his pride he became wise
And through his wisdom
He became a fool

In a late September dusk
With Levi leading the way
On horseback we rode
Along the Tygart
To the mission at Pilgrim’s Way

The trail was still
And we heard no sound
But Levi’s horse kicked back
In fear raising up
Dropping Levi to the ground

There we stood above him
The ground he rested on
Gave no hint of life
In that September dust
Levi’s last breathe was drawn

As we stood around him
A silent word was prayed
Easiness broke the calm
Inside we knew
No mistake had been made

For the last time in his life
The Truth pierced him like a sword
As we all knew by heart
The scriptures read
‚ÄúVengeance is Mine,‚ÄĚ saith the Lord

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