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Old Man And The Traveler lyrics - Stephen Simmons

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I sat on top of the world
On the highest mountain looking down
A crossroad stood before me
To the west I watched the sunlight drown

The first breathe of night filled the sky
But in the distance I saw a light
A Traveler coming
From hidden places, deep in the night

He sat down next to the fire
But he did not ask my name
He said, “I am the Traveler
By nature you know my fame.”

“I can give you life without end
Or any desire of your heart
Streets of gold or a ruler’s hand
Luxury ‘til death do us part.”

He said, “My legions are many
In this time and place
The world I know can be yours
If it’s my road you choose to embrace.”

From the east I saw a light
Walking towards me was an Old Man
He sat down by the fire
Took me back to the road where I first began

He said, “I know this Traveler
On this road he walks a twisted mile
If you decide to follow him
Down on you the shadows will smile.”

He said, “My path is a narrow one
Leave yourself and this world behind
Follow the dirt road less traveled
If it’s the golden road you hope to find.”

I woke up in the morning
Under a misty haze and skies of gray
I was alone by the fire
But two sets of footprints led away

The crossroad stood before me
But I was divided to the core
But the answer before me stood
Much clearer than it had before

The choice was now mine
Two voices called me their chosen ways
With their words echoing in my head
I began walking into the haze

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Simmons Stephen Chords
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