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When Love Comes Around Again lyrics - George Strait

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There's things you don't know 'til you know
Like when somebody's gone before they go
When it comes to love, you never really learn
Just when you think you've got it figured out
And you think you know what love's all about
That's just about the time you're gonna get burned
Oh, you tell yourself you've had enough
But that'll all change my friend
When love comes around again

You say, you're swearing' off
'Cause the only thing that love has ever done for you
is to make you hurt and cry, feel like you want to die
Break your heart in two
But then you'll see a smile
That'll knock you off your feet and you can't wait to meet
the girl behind that face
That's all it's gonna take and you'll fall right back in
when love comes around again

Life ain't just coincidence
Things happen for a reason that don't make sense
Till you look back, it's 20/20 then
You know I never would have met my girl
If somebody else hadn't wrecked my world
And opened that door for her to walk right in
Oh, I've stood right where you stand
But that'll all change my friend
When love comes around again


Yeah, that's all it's gonna take
And you'll fall right back in
When love comes around again

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