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You Nearly Lose Your Mind lyrics - Randy Travis

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Now if you love your momma
And try to treat her right
But she keeps on fussing at you
Everyday and night

'Cause she's gonna trifle on ya'
They do it every time
And when your baby starts a stepping
Lord you nearly lose you mind

Now if your momma's mean
Take a tip from me
Lock her up at home lord
But hang on to that key


But if you momma's good
I'll tell you what to do
Give her lots of loving
But watch her closely too


When you come to your momma
An' find your clothes ain't clean
You can bet your slipping
If you know just what I mean


Now you may have a momma
That says that she is true
But wait till you are down and out
And really need her too


Now I've been a lot of places
There's nothing I ain't done
But when it comes to women
I don't trust a one


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