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Spirit World lyrics - Felix Truvere

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First verse
I'm at the pub down the block; it's only 3 o'clock!
I knew this day would finally come!
My ambition wasn't in it! My boss finally did it!
I'm left to ponder what's to be done!
But then a buddy appeared & pushed aside my beer!
He remedied my deal i gotta say!
We kicked around a little tumble-weed to put our minds at ease!
As we pondered this is what he had to say!
He said!

First chorus
Take a visit to the spirit world!
The other side where it's a free world!
This blind life we live in ain't worth the breath we breathe in
'Less we take a hit to ponder 'bout it all!
Just a visit to the spirit world
A revelation see the truth unfurl!
& do a little jig with your feet while you sing a happy song
Then you bake a batch of fudge & eat it all!
(geoff's spirit-slide with a dan-scream on steel)
Just a visit to the spirit world!
And what an appetite that we'll unfurl!
We'll eat a jumbalaya using shrimp instead & realize
That crawfish was important after all!

Second verse
Fresh & full'a life; a little anxious for the night!
I reach for my acoustic guitar!
I'm gonna sing a little medley on a stage in front'a plenty!
Never thought i'd ever make it this far!
I never set any sights! I don't pursue big lights!
I do it for the art & for the love!
And so i sing in a band just to be free from the man!
When i break away i always have a plan!
I plan!

Second chorus
Little visit to the spirit world!
A new perspective on a different twirl!
Seein' clearly and solvin' it all!
And the movies are the best you ever saw!
Just a visit to the spirit world!
I love to visit with my beautiful girl!
And break away form the world we live in & realize that love is most important after all!
(screamin' swingin' dan ~ yeaaaeeeee!!!)
Just a visit to the spirit world!
A revelation see the truth unfurl!
We'll plant a seed in the name of freedom & realize that hippies weren't so crazy after all!
I said you woont'a known that peanut butter & honey go together after all!

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