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What Best Friends Do lyrics - Felix Truvere

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I love to be the one that makes you laugh!
& i love your silly, subtle, flirty pass!
Like when we're at the mall, & it's just you & me!
You sneak me in the ladies' fitting room!
And i help you to pick out what you're gonna choose!
We gotta ge it right for your man's delight!
And we'll share a laugh or two!
And i'll flirt all day with you!
What else did i think that i was gonna do?
I will spend my whole day on you!
That's just what best friends do!
I sing you in the songs i like to sing!
I jump everytime i hear my phone ring!
Like when it's 3am & you're drink again!
& i'll ask you every question that i can!
Cuz i'll wonder who you're with & what's at hand?
Like who's driving you? ...& who's that laughing too?
& i'll hear his voice again!
That doesn't sound like your man!
But who am i to think i'd be the only fool?
I'll still smile & laugh with you!
That's just what best friends do!
I'll be the one that comes to your rescue!
When you call me late at a little bit past two!
Three sheets to the wind!
...and you're beat up by him!
& you're stranded left alone!
& you've got no where to go!
Who else would you think to call to rescure you?
You know that i'll come through for you!
That's just what best friends do!
I'd love you & protect you!
& i'd hold you the night through!
& i'd keep our sacred secrets tight because that's what best friends do!
But i'd give anything to share one life with you!
To feel your love reflected back like the way that i love you!
But who am i to think that this could all come true?
I'd love you through & through & i'd be true to you!
You know that i'll be there for you!
That's just what best friends do!
Always love you for you!
That's just what best friends do!

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