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Nowhere Fast lyrics - Warren Brothers

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I grew up here on Bourbon Street
Playin' for the beer and tips
Livin' by the Poncha Train
Watchin' drunks and sailin' ships
Now I'm sittin' on a midnight train
Gonna bury momma on my birthday
And never's gonna be too soon
To see these streets
of Vieux Carre'

Thirty years ago
Momma was a pretty bride
She took this train to New Orleans
Made a mask for Mardi Gras
and never took it off it seems
Daddy drank away their honeymoon
He never wore his wedding band
They fought just like a hurricane
But she fell in love with Dixieland

Now I'm on a train to nowhere
to find the future in my past
I'm on a train to nowhere
Feelin' like a no one
How long will this last?
Goin' nowhere fast

Nine months later to the day
she labored deep into the night
I was the baby in her arms
And she was weakened by the fight
I grew up fast I grew up hard
The alleyways were my backyard
Momma sang at Pat O'Riley's
And I sat in with the band on Fridays


Tonight we'll cross the
Mason-Dixon line
Finally takin' Momma home
She will find a restin' place
beneath the garden made of stone
And I came here to find tomorrow
Now I hear my station name
If I can just forget my past
maybe I can start again

Now I'm on a train to nowhere
to find the future in my past
I'm on a train to nowhere
but this trip will be my last
Yeah if I can just get goin'
and get myself on track
off this train to nowhere
It's goin' nowhere fast

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