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The Locket chords - Lauren Alaina

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Lauren Alaina Sheet music
                The Locket by Lauren Alaina

Standard Tuning
Capo on the 5th fret


D:    xx0232
Bm:   x24432
G:    320033 or 320003
A:    x02220

 Intro:     D      G    x2

D            Bm
 Back in '41 you met a brown eyed boy 
G                    D
 Who called you pretty
                    Bm                                G
 He'd walk everyday a couple miles out of his way to hold your hand 
 And  keep you company

      Bm               G               D
 Your mama said don't call it love at 14
      G                            A
 But sitting on that front porch swing

 He gave you his picture in a locket that you wore around your neck 
 Left it right beside your heart so you would not forget 
      G                             D
 The way it felt when he held your hand

 And you swore that you would never take it off
 And the butterflies you felt said it all
  G                                            D
 You were falling with the boy inside your locket

D                   Bm
 Back in '43 your brown eyed boy went over seas 
      G                               D 
 And had to leave town for a little while
 He swore he'd marry you as soon as the war was through
  G                D
 You would be his wife

   Bm             G        D
 Standing in the pouring rain
       G                             A
 You cried as you watched him ride away
           Bm     A
 But everyday

 You had his picture in a locket that you wore around your neck
 Left it right beside your heart so you would not forget
      G                           D
 The way his kiss tasted on your lips

 And everyday felt like a lifetime with him gone
 And you prayed that God would bring him safely home
             G                                     D
 'Cause you made a promise to the boy inside your locket

     Bm        G                        D                           A
 Oh, 60 years you two had together and he's been gone for a couple now
          Bm                          G
 And it breaks my heart to see you struggle to remember
  D                              A
 And I've been writing all your memories down 
            G               D
 And I stopped by today to read a couple pages
   Bm                        D
 Grandma, you sure look pretty
           G          D        G               D               G
 And you smile that smile, the one I haven't seen in quite a while
 And you said to me, I want you to keep 

 His picture in a locket that I wore around my neck
 The one I left beside my heart so I would not forget
       G                                            D
 The greatest love and the greatest man I've ever known

 But it's getting time for me to head on home 
 She said, that brown eyed boy is waiting and I don't wanna keep him long
 Heaven is calling, and she said, my heart is longing
                          D       G      D     G
 For the boy inside your locket 

 End on D

Lauren Alaina ChordsLauren Alaina Lyrics

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