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Wrap Around chords - Keith Anderson

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Keith Anderson Sheet music
                Wrap Around - Keith Anderson

**Capo 1**

Intro: D  G (x4)

Verse 1:
                          D      G
You should see her every morning
                     D    G
In my faded flannel shirt
                      D       G
Wearing her big bear slippers
                       D      G
She's so sexy that it hurts

Verse 2:
And when I take her to the city
You should see her turning heads
They never seen nothing so pretty
She can't help but knock em dead, yeah yeah

             D         G        A
She's got a kiss that burns me down
              D                  G       A
She's got a touch that makes me come unwound
             D                   G        A
She's got a smile that knocks me to the ground
    C                            G             D
My babys got the kind of love a man can wrap around

D  G  (x2)

Verse 3:
Shes the perfect combination
Of Ginger and Maryann
Down home sophistication
Aint no lines in her tan, nawww

Verse 4:
Sometimes she likes to hear Sinatra
Sometimes ZZ Top
But if you crank "La Cucaracha", rrrrrracha
She'll dance until you, she'll dance until you drop



G                       F-F#-G
Oh, I dont think God ever
G                       A  Bb A
Never made anything better

CHORUS (repeat)

Ending: (same chords as intro repeat to fade)

Keith Anderson ChordsKeith Anderson Lyrics

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