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My Baby Thinks He's A Train chords - Rosanne Cash

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Rosanne Cash Sheet music
                     F                           F6               F
It's three a.m. in the morning a train whistle is blowin',
   Bb                        Bb7              F
It sounds like some lonesome song I got in my soul.
   C7                        Bb7              F
My baby split the blanket he won't be back no more.
My baby thinks he's a train.
He makes a whistle stop then he's gone again.
Bb9                                     F
Sometimes it's hard on this poor girl's brain.
(This poor girl's brain)
    C7              Bb7                    F
I'm telling you boys  my baby thinks he's a train.

Locomotion is the way he moves,
   F                             F7
He drags me around like an old caboose.
I'm telling you girls that man's insane,
F        C7            F
 My baby thinks he's a train.

Choo choo ain't just some train sound.
It's the noise that you hear when my baby hits town.
With his long hair flyin', man he's hard to tame.
What you s'pose to do when your baby thinks he's a train?
He eats money like a train eats coal.
He burns it up and leaves you in the smoke, if you wanna
catch a ride.
You wait 'til he unwinds,
But he's just like a train, he always gives some bum a ride

Rosanne Cash ChordsRosanne Cash Lyrics

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