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Poor Poor Pitiful Me chords - Terri Clark

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Terri Clark Sheet music
                I added the solo for Poor Poor Pitiful Me. Enjoy!  Fred Puccetti

Date: 6/26/97; 11:43:41 AM
From: (Alice Franceschini)
Subject: Poor_Poor_Pitiful_Me

Album:  Just the Same   
Written by: Warren Zevon
Recorded by: Terri Clark

Record is in F#

Poor Poor Pitiful Me           Terri Clark

Intro chords.  (C)  F C G C    F C G C 
        F      C            G      C       F              G    C
Well I lay my head on the railway track  Waitin' on the Double E
          F          C           G       C      F          G     C
But the train don't run through here no more   Poor poor pitiful me

F     C      G    C   F           G     C   F         C          G     C
Poor poor pitiful me, poor poor pitiful me All these boys won't let me be
F                  G               F C G C    F C G C 
Lord have mercy on me Woe, woe is me

        F     C          G    C    F            G      C
Well I met a man out at Hollywood     I ain't namin' names
        F       C        G    C      F          G     C
But he really worked me over good   Just like Jesse James
         F      C        G     C   F               G        C
Yes he really worked me over good  He was a credit to his gender
    F    C             G       C    F             G      C
Put me through some changes, Lord  Sorta like a Waring blender

go to chorus, lead, third verse     Chords to lead  F C G C  F C G C 

         F     C           G     C     F       G    C
Well, I met a boy in the Vieux-Carres Down in Yokohama
     F       C           G        C   F                     G        C
He picked me up and he threw me down Sayin', "please don't hurt me mama"

go to chorus, then F C G C F C G C, to ending

F     C    G   C    F    C    G      C       F    C    G   C    F     C
Poor poor poor me, poor poor pitiful me     Poor poor poor me, poor poor 
    G    C     N.C.
pitiful me   Poor poor poor me, poor poor pitiful me

Here's the guitar solo as best as I could figure it out,  try a little 

fuzz with some delay; and or compression with phase.    p = pause




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