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My Give A Damn Is Broken chords - Graw Cooder

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Graw Cooder Sheet music
                My Give A Damn Is Broken
Matt Martindale/Cooder Graw

Cooder Graw is using Jazz chords for the swing sound but you can get by using these chords:

  G                C                 G              D
I left the leaving up to her and she left me right away
  G              C                   G     D     G 
A way that I had never seen at least not until today
        G                C              G               D
But two days ago she ran up my walk and knocked upon my door
       G                   C                     G
Well I screened the knock, fastened my lock, and pretended I didn’t know her

Cause my give a damn is broken and my care about is gone
   C                                    D
My want to do right left last night and left me all alone
With nothing but my don’t know why and my where did I go wrong
          A7                           D
Well I’ve got a spare, I don’t care to use when this one’s gone

She left last on cue, so what did I do but began to trash my pad
I put a padlock on my door and broke everything I had
I was kind of depressed and I must confess, it took me a minute or two to clear my eyes
And realize I was a free man – hallelujah
She hates me now and you know somehow I feel just about the same
The same as before she hit the door and took with her all of the blame
But blame won’t make her feel any better and it won’t keep her warm at night
It might make her look for an apology but I don’t see one in sight because


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