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That G chords - Graw Cooder

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Graw Cooder Sheet music
                Cooder Graw
That girl crystal

Gm Bb C Gm 4x

Gm                                     Bb
Heard somethin' when I hadn't seen you, it started makin' sense.
C                          Gm 
I heard you hooked back up, with an old girlfriend.
Gm                                Bb                   C
 and I remember how it used to be, when y'all went out. You picked
her up late one night, you couldn't put her down

Gm                Bb                  C
 That girl crystal she ain't so sweet. She'll hit you in the nose
    Gm                               Gm      Bb          
boy. Knock out your teeth. That girl crystal, make you leave your
     C                         Gm 
home I've seen you together man you're better off alone.

Gm                                      Bb 
 and your little clover would come over, lucky for you.
C                                Gm
You'd make calls all over town, finally she'd come through.
Gm                  Bb             C                  Gm 
and you'd go out and do your thing, disappear for days,Show up late.

Solo (Same chords) 2x 

Gm                                      Bb 
She'll hit you just beneath the surface. where no one can see.
C                                        Gm 
Til she makes you climb out of your skin, straight up into a tree.
Gm                           Bb
Where you start tellin' lies, 'stead of standin' here on the
         C                                      Gm 
ground-looking me in the eye, tellin' the truth why don't you come

on down?


2nd solo (same chords) Till fade out...

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