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Along The Navajo Trail 2 chords - Cowboy

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Cowboy Sheet music
I have two versions of this tune.The first one is the actual key the tune is
recorded in by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters on Decca records (1945).

The second one I will send is the way my grandfather played it as a musician
in the midwest (30-50's);

The original key is in Eb.
Along the Navajo Trail
By Larry Marks, Dick Charles, Eddie Lange

Every (Eb) day,   a- (Bb7+) long about (Eb) ev'ning;

(Bb7+) When the (Eb) sunlight 's be-  (Bb7+) gining to (Eb) fail,

I (Ab7)ride...   through the slumberin' shadows

(Bb7) A- (Eb) long the Navajo Trail

(Bb7) When it's (Eb) night and (Bb7+) crickets are (Eb) callin';

(Bb7+)And  co-(Eb) yotes are (Bb7+) makin' a (Eb) wail

(Eb7) I  (Ab7) dream by a smolderin' (Ab7) fire

(Bb7)A- (Eb)long the (Ab) Navajo (Eb) Trail

I (Ab) love to lie and (Abm6) to the (Eb) music

(Eb7) When the wind is strummin' a (Abm) sagebrush guitar

When (Gm) over yonder (D7) hill the moon is (Gm) climbin'

(C9) It (F7) always finds me(B9) wishin' on a  (Bb9) star

Well (Bb7-) what do you (Eb) know?

It's (Bb7+) morning al- (Eb) ready ,

(Bb7+) There's the (Eb) dawnin' so (Bb7+) silver and (Eb) pale,

It's (Ab7) time to climb into my saddle

(Bb7) And (Eb) ride the (Ab) Navajo (Eb) Trail (Bb7+);

(back to top)

----ending on last time through is

.....(Eb)Trail;    Mm  (Ab7) mm  (Abm) mm   (Eb)mm,  mm, (Ab7) mm

The Navajo (Eb) Trail!

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