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Unconditional 2 chords - Clay Davidson

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Clay Davidson Sheet music

Clay Davidson
SONG:  "Unconditional"
ALBUM:  Unconditional
Writers:  Liz Hengber/Deanna Bryant/Rivers Rutherford
Transcribed by:  Ryan Foster/Ryan Kingston

I hope that this is a more exact version of this song.  And Ryan, if you are
reading, all I did was correct the things that I thought needed to be
changed.  I hope this doesn't offend you. By the way, the "G"'s on the end
of the 2nd and 5th lines of the verses are really "C" with your pinky finger
on the 3rd fret bottom this--> x32013 ...btw, what is the name
of this chord??

Intro:  C G   C G

 C           G          Am            G
Daddy waited up in the kitchen by himself
C                G                  Em            C     G C
I came stumblin' in that night with liquor on my breath
           C               G              Am               G
He said, "Son, I know you live here, but this is still my home
     C              G
It's my way or the highway"
      Em                C     G C
So I said, "Alright, I'm gone"
       F                   C              G
And before I slammed that door, I said, "I hate you"
F                   C             D Dsus4 D
He just shook his head and said, "Okay, but...

           G       D       Am7    G
You can't stop my love for you
      C                    G
It'll be here that's a given
    F            C              G
As long as I am livin' on this earth
  D         Am7    G
One thing is true
         C             G
You can turn away, forget me
 F                 Em7        Bm     Em         G
Curse my name, but love won't let me let you go
            C      G
Son (girl) always know
     C      D    C      G   C G  D  <-(play the "G C G D" just on 1st My
love is unconditional               chorus, go to break on 2nd)

 C              G              Am           G
Life is like a circle, slowly turning on itself
         C               G              Em           C     G C
And girl it took losing you to finally know how daddy felt
C                 G         Am         G  
We stood in this bedroom a year ago today
        C               G
Hangin' on to pride and anger
       Em            C  G C
As we threw our love away
        F                    C                G
And before you slammed that door, you said, "I hate you"
        F            C              D  Dsus4 D
But tonight if only you could hear me say...

--Repeat Chorus

--Break-> D  Am7  D

           C             G
You could turn away, forget me
 F             Em7     Bm   Em        G
Curse my name, you can even let me go
         C       G
But you need to know
     C     D     C     C G  C G  D   G
My love is unconditional


Clay Davidson ChordsClay Davidson Lyrics

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