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The First Noel chords - Billy Dean

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Billy Dean Sheet music
                (Capo 3)
The (G) first (Bm) Noel the (C) angel did (G) say, 
Was to (C) certain poor (G) shepherds in (C) fields (D) as they (G) lay; 
In (Em) fields where (Bm) they lay (C) keeping their (G) sheep 
On a (C) cold winters (G) night that (C) was (D) so (G) deep

(Em) Noel, (Bm) Noel, (C) Noel, (G) Noel 
(C) Born is the (G) King of (C) Is(D)ra(G)el.  

They (G) looked way (Bm) up and they (C) saw a great (G) star, 
Shining (C) in the (G) East, (C) beyond (D) them (G) far; 
And (Em) to the (Bm) earth it (C) gave a great (G) light; 
And (C) so it (G) continued both (C) day (D) and (G) night. 

(Em) Noel, (Bm) Noel, (C) Noel, (G) Noel 
(C) Born is the (G) King of (C) Is(D)ra(G)el.  

(Em) Noel, (Bm) Noel, (C) Noel, (Bm) No(D)el (STOP)
(C) Born is the (G) King of (C) Is(D)ra(G)el. (Play Softly)

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