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A Year At A Time chords - Kevin Denney

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Kevin Denney Sheet music
                Artist: Kevin Denney

Kevin Denney - A Year At A Time


Intro - C - F = 4x's

(verse 1)
I don't want to bite off more than I can chew,
F             Bb                     C - F - (Bb-Bb)
Lettin go a little bit of you at a time,
I think I got the faith of a mustard seed,
    F                     Bb          C - F - (Bb-Bb)
To move this mountain of memories so high,

I took another picture down,
(C)     F                                     (C)
It's a little less of you just a hangin around,
G                                  F   G 
I'm turning loose one memory at a time,  and I'll say

C           F    C              F
Good-bye to 91, that summer was so much fun,
Bb            F                    G
Our love was sweet and young back then, and there goes,
C         F    C                     F
September 92, the first time we said I love you,
   Bb                 F        G
By now you should be easy to forget,
But time's not flyin by,
I hope I don't lose my mind,
      Dm          C    F    G     C
But Lettin go of you a year at a time,

(verse 2)
Every Monday I start out another week,
Seven days tryin not to speak your name,
I got a self help book from my best friend,
I'll try anything if I think it'll end this pain,

Everyday that's creepin by
(C)    F                            (C)
Is a little more hurt I leave behind,
G                                      F - G-G
I'm gettin further down the road each day,   So I'll say,

C            F    C                        F
Ce-la-Vie to 93, what kinda spell did you put on me,
Bb          F               G
I'll never love like that again,
                C      F      C              F
Gonna bolt the door on 94, I can't go back there no more,
Bb           F                   G
Only in my dreams every now and then,
But time's not flyin by,
I hope I don't lose my mind,
      Dm          C    F    G     C
But Lettin go of you a year at a time,

Spent 95 through 99 
just tryin not to lose my mind
  Dm          C    F    G     
Lettin go of you a year, (2000)
 Dm      C        F    G    
Cried a million tears, 
  Dm          C    F    G     C
Lettin go of you a year at a time,

Outro - C - F - C - F - 
Walk - Dm - C - F - G - C


Kevin Denney ChordsKevin Denney Lyrics

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