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Wagon Yard chords - Grandpa Jones

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Grandpa Jones Sheet music
I took the words off Grandpa Jones's King LP(625) as best I could,
chords too.  I hope your grandpa and/or friends can remember the tune.

       G                         C               G
1. I was a jolly farmer, last night I come to town,
       G                            A                  D
   To bring a bale of cotton, I'd work the whole year round,
      G                                 C                 G
   Put my team in the wagon yard and got some mountain dew,
      G                                       D                  G
   I went out to see the electric lights and take in a party or two.

1a I met a dude out on the street, the clock was a'striking nine,
        A                                           D
   He said come in old hayseed, have a drink, it's fine,
            G                         C                   G
   Well, I must a'bought a dozen, it hit my pocketbook a'hard,
        G                                     D                  G
   I wished I'd a bought me half a pint and stayed in the wagon yard.

2. Now listen to me you farmers, I'm a'here to talk some sense,
   If you want to see them electric lights, just look over your back
   And when you farmers come to town, just stay right with your pard,
   Go get yourself a half a pint and stay in the wagon yard.

3. The next dern time I come to town, loaded to the gills,
   I'll watched them dudes like chicken hawks that circles around the
   I'll keep my money in my jeans and forever be on guard,
   I'll get myself a half a pint and stay in the wagon yard.

3a And when that dude, he comes around for me to buy him booze,
   I'll hit him in the head so quick he'll feel it in his shoes,
   He'll think he's met a wildcat, I'll hit that dude so hard,
   He'll wish I'd a'bought me half a pint and stayed in the wagon yard.

-- Chuck Crawford, Toronto

Grandpa Jones ChordsGrandpa Jones Lyrics

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