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Its Out Of My Hands chords - David Kersh

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David Kersh Sheet music
Song Title:  It's out of my hands
Artist:  Daivd Kersh
Album:  If I Never Stop Lovin You
Transcribed by:  Jacob Garza

     C                                      Am
G                 F                                 F                  G







The finger progression changes a little with the lyrics.  Play this
progression with the verses.
     C                                       Am
G                 F                                         G






Verse I
                Em7                    Am        G                F
There was no moon that night but the light in your eyes
                  G             Em7         C
pulled at my heart and turned the tides.
          Em7            Am       G        F
I was carried away now all I do is pray
                            G           Em7    C
that someday you stay right by my side.

                             F                         G
But it's out of my hands I have no control
                            C                    Em7      Am
Of where love will lead us on this winding road.
                         F                      G
But if I had my way I'd be your man
                C           Em7 Am
I give all I have and all I can.
                   F                        G
So I'm lettin go cause inside I know
It's out of my hands.

Verse II
          Em7              Am        G           F
In the past I'd hold on thinkin I was so strong
           G       Em7    C
only to find I was so wrong.
                   Em7           Am                  G                 F

There ain't a thing I can do to make you feel this way too
                           G            Em7  C
But somehow my heart will carry on.

Chorus Repeat

Verse III
F                G        F                   G
Maybe this mystery will never be clear to me.

Chorus Repeat

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