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Wonderful Tonight chords - David Kersh

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David Kersh Sheet music
Submitted by: John Cochran
Subject: Wonderful Tonight
Sung by: David Kersh
Album: If I Never Stop Loving You
Written By: Eric Clapton

Wonderful Tonight

G   D   C   D   G   D   C   D

G                  D
It's late in the evening
C                              D
She's wondering what clothes to wear
G                      D
She puts on her make up
C                      D
And brushes her long blond hair
C                  D
And then she asks me
C     Bm  Em
Do I look alright
And I say yes
              D                   G         D   C   D
You look wonderful tonight

G               D
We go to a party
C                D
And everyone turns to see
G                 D
This beautiful lady
C                           D
That's walking around with me
C                  D
And then she asks me
G         Bm     Em
Do you feel alright
And I say yes
       D                    G
I feel wonderful tonight

I feel wonderful
D                         G           Bm      Em
Because I see the love light in your eyes
            C               D
And the wonder of it all 
                C                   D
Is that you just don't realize
                   G                  D    C   D   G   D   C   D
How much I love you

G                  D
It's time to go home now
C                              D
And I've got an aching head
G                      D
So I give her the car keys
C                       D
She helps me to bed
C             D
And then I tell her
G    Bm             Em
As I turn out the light
I say my darling
              D            G             Em
You were wonderful tonight
Oh my darling
              D            G          D   C   D   G   D   C   D   G
you were wonderful tonight 

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