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Best Seat In The House chords - Locash Cowboys

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Locash Cowboys Sheet music
                (No Capo)

Intro.:  |(D) |(G)(A)

I could (D)see you every (G)time I close my (A)eyes
And I (G)feel you in my (A)heart, and I (G)hear you in my (A)mind
Saying (D)I'm right here when (G)things get rough and when (A)I fall down
You still (G)pick me up, re-(A)mind me how every-(G)thing's gonna be just (A)fine

From my (G)first step in the living room through all the (D)little league games, it was always you
On the (A)front row, letting everybody know (D)that's my boy, just watch him go
You were (G)shotgun when you taught me how to (D)drive your truck on the edge of town
(A)I know somewhere just above the clouds

(G)You still got the (A)best seat in the house |(D) |(G)(A)

From (D)where you're sitting I (G)bet you're getting a (A)pretty good laugh
(G)Watching me tryna (A)cut back from a (G)boy to a family (A)man
Some-(D)times I don't know (G)what to do, but I (A)make it through
'Cause (G)I just do what I (A)think you'd do, it's like you're (G)holding my hand (A)

From the (G)50-yard line on Friday nights to my (D)senior prom
Gradu-(A)ation day I can hear yell, "(D)That's my boy," proud as hell
From the (G)front peer on my wedding day with the (D)biggest smile in the whole damn place
(A)I know somewhere just above the clouds

(G)You still got the (A)best seat in the house, |(G) |(D) oh, |(G) yeah |(D)

From the (G)front steps of the pearly gates, I (D)swear sometimes I can hear you say
"(A)Come on angels, gather round," (D)that's my boy, now ain't you proud
And (G)I point up into the sky, (D)it don't matter day or night
(A)I know somewhere just above the clouds

(G)My old man is watching me right (A)now form the best seat in the house --- |(D) |(G)(A)|(D) ----

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