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Horse chords - Lost Trailers

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Lost Trailers Sheet music
                               A                   D                 A                            D 
I've got these feelings of inadequacy cause you keep saying that he's better than me 
             A                       E      D   
But would he write you a sad country song 
         A                D           A                  D 
He might write you a love sonnet or a heartbreaking ribbonelle 
         A                             E  
But what good would that do you in the fire pits of hell 
             D                             F#m  E   D 
In my time of need, you were up and gone 
        A            E         D       A 
So f**k you, and the horse you rode in on      
You say he's short and handsome, with an alternative flair 
He's got a tattoo of Limp Bizkit, and Clorox in his hair 
But he can't play the guitar like me, or let that one blue note ring 
As an expression of the sadness in my soul 
These are sad days for me cause your new man has got me down 
And I can't help but think about you when I walk around this town 
I gave you my best and you took it all; I bought you rocks but you just built a wall 
And all that I have found is that there's no tearing them down 

Lost Trailers ChordsLost Trailers Lyrics

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Lost Trailers

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