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Sitting On Top Of The World chords - Lost Trailers

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Lost Trailers Sheet music
                Sitting On Top Of The World - Lost Trailers

F                    C                     G
Looking out on these back streets that you brought me, 
F                  C                G
All I see has been bought, kept for safety, 
F                     C              G 
Trade the rift of the change for the landing, 
F                      C               G
Save the light for the few that's left standing.

Am  F  C            G 
       You tried to tell me
Am  F  C             G    Am
       these are the good times, 
F  C           G
   Guess we'll find out
Am  F G                       F 
      Down the line, down the line

Walking out used to be so easy
Close the door while the light was still fading
But those times seem to fade into memories
And bring us here while those streets are left sleeping


     F       G      C     C/B
It's what we left behind. 
     F       G       C    C/B
It's what we found inside
   F       G       Am 
So what is on your mind
               F           G                     C     C/B  Am  Am/G  F
Now that we're wasted, and sitting on top of the world
G                     C     C/B  Am  Am/G  F
Sitting on top of the world
G                     C     C/B  Am  Am/G  F
Sitting on top of the world
G                     C     C/B  Am  Am/G  F
Sitting on top of the world
G                     F      C   G   F   C
Sitting on top of the world


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