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If You Ask chords - Lori McKenna

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Lori McKenna Sheet music
                (G)Well I've come to know the look on your face
When you're lying about where you've been
Or (C9)how much you (G)spent

(G)I know when you will raise your fingers to your mouth
As if to wipe away the (C9)shame
It's not a game, I know you feel (G)bad

If you (D)ask for my (C9)forgiveness
If you (D)call my name I will (C9)come
If you (D)ask for my (C9)love I will give you (G)some

(G)Some day I know you will understand
Some day you'll finally realize
What you're (C9)doing to your(G)self


(Em)We've been dancing to that (C9)same old song
(D)Over and over a(G)gain
(Em)I want to be your (C9)lover
I don't (D)want to be your policeman

(G)So tonight when you finally make your way back to our door
I'll let you sleep it (C9)off
Like I did the night be(G)fore
And in the morning I will get you up
And I will smile just when you want me (C9)to
'Cause I'm all you (G)have

When you (D)ask for my (C9)forgiveness
When you (D)call my name I will (C9)come
When you (D)ask for my (C9)love I will give you (G)some

Lori McKenna ChordsLori McKenna Lyrics

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