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Overtheyears chords - Nevershoutnever!

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Nevershoutnever! Sheet music
                C: 032033
D: 200232
Em: 022033
G: 320033
A: 002033

Intro: C D Em 2x

    C             D                Em
I'm sorry for the nights I let you down
    C                  D          Em
now all that's left to say is that I turned around
C           D               Em
back to the boy you fell in love with
C           D                  Em
   not this plague that brings you down

C                  D         Em
Remind your mom to call me I still care
          C                  D          Em
cause her approval meant the world and I would not dare to
C                 D           Em
disagree with the life you've arranged
     C             D            Em
just remember only God knows if I've changed

          A              C
I'll sing along to every song
           A           C (hold)
I'll tag a lie for the ride

      G    D    Em        C           D
Cause in   my   head, I'd write there too
through the good times
    D            Em
the bad ones too
    C        D
I'm here for you
      G      D    Em
cause when   I    dream
           C       D        G
you're the one who keeps me asleep
   D                         Em
on nights where I could care less
     C         D
if I ever woke up again

End on G

Nevershoutnever! ChordsNevershoutnever! Lyrics

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