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Sweet Memories chords - Mickey Newbury

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Mickey Newbury Sheet music
                (D)My world is like a river (D7)
As (G)dark as it is (Em)deep (A)
Night after night the past slips in
And (D)takes away my sleep
My days are just and (D7)endless stream
Of (G)emptiness to (Em)me
Filled (A)only by the (A7)fleeting
Moments of her memo-(D)ry

(A)Sweet memo-(D)ries
(F#)Sweet memo-(Bm)ries (E)(D)(A)(D)

(D)She slipped into the silence (D7)
(G)Of my dreams last (Em)night (A)
Wandering from (A7)room to room,
She's (D)turning on each light
Her laughter spills like (D7)water
From a (G)river to the (Em)sea
Lord I'm (A)swept away from sadness
Clinging (A7)to her memo-(D)ry

(A)Sweet memo-(D)ries
(F#)Sweet memo-(Bm)ries (E)(D)(A)(D)

Mickey Newbury ChordsMickey Newbury Lyrics

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