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Pictures chords - Jessie Nickes

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Jessie Nickes Sheet music
                 Words and Music by: Jessie Nickes
       Album: Completely Yours 
   Intro: D  F#m  G   A                             “PICTURES”
  (moderately slow) 
     D                                                    F#m                                 G
 Photographs and memory's, scattered out in front of me. Some make me laugh others 
    A                                    D                      F#m                                             G
 bring me to my knees. Pictures of our life, captured some where in time. Back when
                                  A                                                          D                              
 I was yours, and I thought that you were mine. Here's the one I have of you, on the back 
                                    G                                                     A
 of my old truck. Your eyes so bright that pretty smile, I'd swear you were in love. 
                    D                                  F#m                                         G
 There's the one I have of us, out behind your momma's house. The first place you said I 
 love you and I believed with out a doubt.

                                                         ( CHORUS)
     D            A           G                D                      A              G                        D 
 Pictures of you and me, ah the way that love supposed to be. Well all the love we had is 
          A                    D                     G                 Bm                             A              G
 not dead and gone, as far as I can see. But the only thing that I can't see is a picture of
   A                  D        ( First time through  F#m  G   A)      (Second time    F#m----------
 you with out me.

           D                                     F#m                                        G
 Ah looking across the years, I still don't understand, what happened to our love and how
         A                                                        D                               F#m
 it slipped right through my hands. And heaven only knows the way I feel inside, how I 
   G                                                          A                                                       Bm
 get down on my knees each night and pray you change your mind. I can't bring myself
                                A                                   G                                           A
 to through them all away, cause in these pictures I find strength, to hold on another day.

                                                ( REPEAT CHORUS) 
    --------------------  G                                         A         G           A                 D
                         Tag: I don't know how you can see a picture of you without me....

 altro:   F#m   G   A   D  

[Thanks to nortonsgrill for tabs]

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