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Paper And Pen chords - Alecia Nugent

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Alecia Nugent Sheet music
                VERSE 1  
(G)There’s a letter in a (D)shoe box (G)in a dresser (C)she keeps locked. 
(G)But she’s never read it all the way (D)through. 
(G)It was the last one he (D)wrote her, (G)she was sure it was (C)over  
(G)from all that he told her in the (D) first line or (G)two. 
(G)He said times are (D)hard know, got some (G)things left to (C)sort out 
(G)And a man and his freedom don’t easily (D)part. 
(G)That’s were she stopped (D)reading, (G)her soul was (C)bleeding. 
(G)So she chose her weapon and (D)went for his (G)heart. 
(G)Well, they say he went (D)crazy.  (G)In just a few (C)days, 
he (G)got on the bottle and went out of his (D)mind.   
(G)To this day, (D)she don’t know (G)in the letter that (C)he wrote,  
(G)He asked for her hand in the (D)very last (G)line.  
(G)With paper & (D) pen she got her last word (G)in  
I (G)never loved (A)you was lie she wrote (D)him.   
He couldn’t (C)believe the reply he’d (G)received.   
(G)What sad tragedy(C) for good love to end. 
(G)Ah who needs a (C)knife when you can  
(G)take someone’s life with (D)Paper & (G)Pen. 
(on Final (G)Ah who needs a (D)knife when you can  
(C)take someone’s (G)life with (D)Paper & (G)Pen.

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