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A Word Or Two To Mary chords - Charley Pride

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Charley Pride Sheet music
                                A WORD OR TWO TO MARY
                                          --Rec. by Charley Pride --
  C  A word or two to Mary, please  F  write a letter for  C  me,
  That's what my buddy said to  G7  me to- C -day;
   I couldn't keep from cryin', sad  F eyes are lookin' at  C  me,
  He said I'll tell you  G7 what I wanted to  C say.

   Oh, I don't mind dyin', I just  F hate to leave you  C alone,
   And I wish that I could watch the children  G7 grow;
   But there's  C  no use denyin' I  F  I won't be comin'  C  back home,
   Just a word or two to  G7  you before I  C  go.

 Down on my knees beside him I  F  begged my buddy to  C  live,
 I told the Lord to please take  G7 me in- C -stead;
 But a word or two to Mary was F all my buddy could  C  give,
 And just these words were  G7  all your husband  C  said.
 A word or two to Mary, I  F must  add some of my  C  own,
 He was the truest friend  G7  I ever C had;
 I'll keep writing letters to her, F  help the children  C along,
 Tell them in a way  G7  that it's from their C  Dad.

 He didn't mind dyin'. he just  F  hated to leave you  C  alone,
 And he wished that he could see his  G7 children  C  grow;
 I'll be standing by them, as I  F  know he'd want me  C to,
 And write a word or two to  G7  Mary as they  C  grow.
 And write a word or two to  G7  Mary as they  C  grow.

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