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The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia chords - Reba McEntire

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Reba McEntire Sheet music
                CAPO at III

       Am                    OPEN
He was on his way home from Candletop
 C                            D
Been two weeks gone and he thought he stop
    C                     Em                       Am
at Web's and have him a drink 'for he went home to her

 Am             OPEN
Andy Wo-Lo said hello
         C             D
he said 'Hi, what's a doing', Wo
      C                   Em                    Am
said sit down, I got some bad news that's gonna hurt.

  Am                             OPEN
Said I'm you best friend and you know that's right
     C                      D
But your young bride ain't home tonight
  C                                Em                   Am
Since you've been gone she's been seeing that Amos boy, Seth

Am             OPEN
He got mad and he saw red
 C                         D
Andy said, Boy, don't you lose your head
          C                  Em                 Am
Cause to tell you the truth, I've been with her myself


 A                          B                 E
That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia
 A                          B                E
That's the night that they hung an innocent man
 A                           B                 E
Don't trust your soul to no backwoods Southern lawyer
           A                       B                  Em
Cause the judge in the town's got blood stains on his hands


 Am                    OPEN
Andy got scared and he left the bar
 C                        D
Walking on home cause he didn't live far
     C                          Em                          Am
You see, Andy didn't have many friends and he just lost him one

 Am                      OPEN
Brother thought his wife must've left town
       C              D
So he went home and finally found
     C                Em                     Am
the only thing Daddy left him and that was a gun

 Am             OPEN
He went off to Andy's house
 C                              D
Slipping through the woods as quiet as a mouse
 C               Em                         Am
Come upon some tracks too small for Andy to make

    Am                              OPEN
He looked through the screen at the back porch door
C            D
He saw Andy lying on the floor
      C               Em                 Am
In a puddle of blood, and he started to shake.

     A                  B
The Georgia Patrol was making their rounds
       E                    E
so he fired a shot just to flag them down
  A                                B
A big bellied sheriff grabbed his gun and said,
Why'd you do it?

      Am                   OPEN
They hung my brother before I could say
      C                  D
the tracks he saw while on this way
    C                Em                  Am
to Andy's house and back that night were mine

 Am                        OPEN
And his cheatin' wife had never left town
 C                       D
That's one body that'll never be found
    C                        Em                     Am
You see, little sister don't miss when she aims her gun

 A                          B                 E
That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia
 A                          B                E
That's the night that they hung an innocent man
 A                           B                 E
Don't trust your soul to no backwoods Southern lawyer
           A                       B                  E
Cause the judge in the town's got blood stains on his hands

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